Thank You to the Workers of Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication


The Workers Who Bring Architectural Metal to Life

Today and everyday is a day to recognize those who make all of the planning efforts come to life. While many of us debate on aesthetics and how to get it done, the metal fabricators quietly get it done without the need for recognition or notoriety. Their days are structured to produce, and they do so with great humbleness.

As I walk through the miscellaneous metal fabrication areas, I’m always amazed at the diligence of work ethic, and the quiet creation of architectural metal. I’m in awe with their abilities to fabricate metal for projects such as Potawatomi Hotel and Northwestern Mutual. The steel and aluminum shop workers seem to just do their job and create the results without the need to know the prestige of a project name.

Thank you to the metal workers. You are more than just someone bending metal, welding metal parts, or cutting metal to size. You are the driving force in letting the ideas, dreams, and architectural needs be real.