Architectural Metal Fabrication

Home of the first bolt-on aluminum balconies. Specializing in nationwide steel stairs and aluminum balconies for iconic construction projects. Ready to solve your construction ambiguities. Sense of urgency. Forward thinking. Structured within to best serve your commercial construction projects.

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“The bolt-on balconies have clean line aesthetics, and multiple color options.”


“I like the finished product and everything done right the first time…saves time and my bottom line.”

General Contractor

“I like built-to-last, and anything to attract residents…like yellow balconies!”

Property Developer

“We can focus on our core of structural steel while they take care of the stairs and misc metal.”

Structural Steel Fabricator

Aluminum Bolt-On Balconies

Get aluminum prefabricated balcony systems shipped complete, all in one welded piece. Fast on. Long lasting.

Metal Railing Systems

Get custom fabricated metal railings in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. We provide everything from basic styles to closer tolerance curved railings. COVID-19 is a world concern, so we now feature antimicrobial handrails to meet this demand.

Steel Stairs

Now shipping steel stairs across the nation. Prefab stairs work well to save field time. Experts review drawings as an added value to predict outcomes and mitigate challenges.

Miscellaneous Metals

Commercial buildings need a lot of miscellaneous metal. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to person for all your miscellaneous metal needs from bollards to canopies? And we’ll help you figure out what coatings work best for different situations.