What is the best coating option for BALCONY PAINT COLORS?

Learn how the best coating for balcony paint colors is powder coating.

The Best Coating Option for Balcony Paint Colors

Powder coating is one of the best options for aluminum balcony paint colors. This type of paint coating is a popular option for aluminum, for use on everything from windows and doors to light poles, guardrails, signs, posts, and fencing. Most of your patio furniture has a powder coated finish. Midwest Stairs & Iron now has a full service powder coat line to reduce production timelines and cost of the bolt-on balconies.

Powder coating provides many benefits as a balcony paint color:

  • Better for the environment…no solvents and low VOCs, thereby compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Looks better for a longer period of time…lasts longer over most other paint methods
  • Minimal paint waste…unused powder can be recovered and reused
  • Economical over most color options…less than a high quality wet paint
  • Resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing
  • Virtually unlimited finish and color selection…flat, satin, gloss, high gloss, metallic, clear, iridescent, fluorescent, hammer tone, etc.
  • Long lasting color vibrancy
  • One coat is twice as thick as most paints
  • Great for high use items…flexible with vibration and jarring
  • Resistant to environmental elements…weather, atmosphere, chemicals, everyday use
  • Supports a healthy workplace…little to no short or long-term health, fire, or other workplace dangers

Standard Balcony Paint Colors

(Meets the AAMA 2604 Specifications for Paint) Read more about High Performing AAMA 2604 Paint Specs here.

Featuring an in-house powder coating service.

Midwest Stairs & Iron focuses on providing the most popular and economical powder coating choices. Our in-house powder coating service helps control the entire balcony fabrication process, and meet your construction timelines.

Powder Coating Process

The powder coating process involves charging powder paint particles that adhere to electrically grounded surfaces. The powder color then heats and cures in a curing oven. The finished balcony paint color result is a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish. The only challenging part of powder coating is any retouching has to be conducted at a powder coating facility. Nicks and scratches during transport and install can be retouched to match the paint color, but the onsite retouching won’t hold the same adherent benefits of powder coating. In that sense, extra care should be made during transport and install to retain the powder coating.

AAMA 2604 Paint Specifications

AAMA 2604 paint specifications are met on every aluminum balcony. For example, this high level of paint specification means you have five (5) year South Florida outdoor weather assurance, humidity resistance, gloss retention, and color retention, all with proper maintenance. Other coatings less than a 2604 classification cannot make this real-world exposure in South Florida claim.


Alternative Balcony Paint Color Considerations

Wood balconies can only use traditional paint or staining methods. The upkeep to keep a wood balcony looking good far surpasses the time and money of powder coating. Steel balconies can be powder coated to help prevent rust, but the steel can still rust if any areas become exposed. The rust repair of steel could take a lot of time and material cost.

Color in Architecture

Color brings architecture to life. If a multifamily building has balconies then color can attract renters, and stand out among surrounding architecture. Read more on how powder coated balcony color was used at the Trio in Milwaukee to stand out.

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