Step On To the Latest Self-Supporting Aluminum Balconies

Aluminum Balconies Now Available at the New Multi-Family NorthShore 770 Luxury Rentals

Step on an aluminum balcony and take in the scenery at the latest ultra-luxury rental at the NorthShore 770. The NorthShore 770 makes one desire to live in an apartment, and the NorthShore 770 seems to provide amazing opportunities to truly live up.

HKM Architects + Planners are the development team and apartment architect for the NorthShore 770 mixed use property. Midwest Stairs & Iron fabricated the self-supporting bolt-on aluminum balconies. The first run of balconies were shipped all in one piece a few weeks ago. Check out the balcony pictures just before they left Midwest Stairs & Iron for NorthShore 770. This was a large multi-family project of 300 aluminum balconies, with a few that are wrap around corner aluminum balconies. All self-supporting balconies were prefabricated with welds, so installers just have to bolt onto the building. This process makes the aluminum balconies built for longevity and safety. The aluminum railings have a grid patterned rail, which will give pleasing aesthetics to the building. The aluminum balconies had to be impeccably detailed to meet the standards of NorthShore 770. We look forward to seeing the personal touches that the resident’s add to their new balconies.

rendering of NorthShore 770

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