Responsible Planning for Emergency Egress Lighting

Know Egress Lighting Options, Codes, and Requirements



Responsibility is key to safely illuminating egress paths. The responsibility of planning egress lighting within buildings generally lies with the engineer, architect, or both. In either case, an egress marking system is one of the last in the design phase, but can be one of the most important. The tragedy of the World Trade Center raised the importance of egress emergency lighting, and raised the level of code requirements.

A few important items are necessary to ensure the safest egress path such as:

Fortunately, need often increases the speed of innovation and the options for luminous egress path marking systems. These new egress emergency lighting systems range from LED to photoluminescent options.

Midwest Stairs & Iron can help you sort through the codes and options. We can manufacture stairs with an egress lighting package, to make sorting through the requirement easier and to ensure the safety of your occupants. We believe so strongly in life safety that we’ve partnered with GBC Safety Glow.

Ask for a demonstration on why we’re impressed with photoluminescent technology for luminous egress path markings.

Inquire about UL Listed Life Safety systems.

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