MSOE Grohmann Tower Signage

If you’ve taken a drive through downtown Milwaukee lately, you might have noticed a brand new sign on the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Grohmann Tower. Midwest Stairs & Iron played a part in it’s construction and placement. This capability is part of the miscellaneous metals division.

The metal structure erected behind the new sign is made of structural steel, giving the entire foundation the toughness to withstand the elements building signs sustain. Usually, frames look a lot like the ones used for billboards, but this case was different. To keep the sign from falling off the building facade, Midwest created an unusual custom steel frame to adapt to the unique requirements.

In order to help the pieces of this project come together, Midwest Stairs & Iron partnered with SignEffectz for the construction of the sign itself, and general contractor Hunzinger Construction. Collaboration was important for such a structurally unique project to be completed, and required Midwest Stairs & Iron to construct the miscellaneous steel frame first. After that first step, SignEffectz was able to measure and build the sign using the frame as a guide. Once construction of the sign was complete, Midwest had the job of lifting the finished project into place.

As a local Milwaukee business, we are proud to help build our city and serve learning institutions like MSOE. If you’d like to see a video of how we participated in the Grohmann Tower sign project, watch the installation video produced by SignEffectz.

Do you have any miscellaneous metal needs from bollards to sign support structures to ladders?