Elements of the Modern Steel Stair

Commercial applications of modern steel stairs include features like curves.

curved steel stair

The fabrication of modern steel stairs with curves takes precision, focus, and a lot of pre-planning. The curved modern steel stairs at the UW Health Center in Madison, WI are a modern design. The goal was to get the stairs in close tolerance to the curved wall, and make everything go as smoothly as possible. The unique features of this modern stair design are stainless steel stair risers, curves to match the curve of the building, and stone travertine stair treads. Pre-engineering of the stairs is important for fabrication. Expert fabricators weld the steel risers and pans in the shop close tolerances, so the install runs smoothly for the Ironworkers.

What makes a steel stair modern?

Style and textures make a steel stair modern. Traditionally, a steel stair pan is filled with concrete. This stone travertine step provides naturally occurring color and texture. The natural look of the stone is juxtaposed with the industrial look of the custom fabricated steel grid riser. The modern curved stair helps soften a building’s impact, and gives a more grounded connection to nature.

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