Midwest Stairs and Iron Designs and Fabricates Steel Stairs, Aluminum Balconies, Railings, and Miscellaneous Metals: Now Shipping Nationally

You get a product that is safe, built for longevity, weather resistant, and cost valued. Midwest Stairs and Iron understands the importance of time efficiency (shipped complete, self-supporting, bolt-on aluminum balconies), safety (secure welds), and fit (guarantee to fit.) We’re known as being fluid and getting it done.

Architects like the self-supporting bolt-on aluminum balconies for clean line aesthetics, availability of numerous powder coated color swatches, on-trend aluminum construction, and shop drawings to complement their own. General contractors like the arrival of balconies in one complete piece for quick install. Property owners like that the balconies are built to last, attract residents, and keep them safe.

Communication starts with your specific needs; we work to make everyone’s job easier and more efficient.


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