Made to make balconies an easy choice.

Look Towards the Future

Infographic Why Aluminum

Balcony Colors

10 standard colors available! Custom colors available as well. Mix and match, customize to make your design standout.

Railing Types

Standard railing types include, custom railing types available:

  • Mesh
  • 2-picket
  • 3-picket
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
mesh railing

Helpful Resources

Aluminum in Green Buildings: A Guide to Green Building Development and Certification with Aluminum Products

Released in 2016: A Guide to Environmental Declarations

The use of aluminum can help reduce shipping costs (20 percent smaller life cycle energy consumption than steel in transportation), reduce carbon footprints, and can be a great choice in sustainable business practices. Help support this country’s energy and manufacturing future (US aluminum industry generates more than $75 billion a year in direct economic impact.) Aluminum sustainability is a solution to the modern world.

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