A Steel Bollard Protects Structures and Pedestrians

steel bollards

The Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome, painted by Canaletto in 1742. Five bollards stand beyond the arch, apparently placed to protect it from vehicle damage.

Use a Bollard to Protect Building Structures

A bollard is part of a miscellaneous metals package to help protect structures, or direct road traffic. Bollards vary in shapes and sizes. They revert to their original shape if struck by a vehicle, or stoically defend a position as a vehicle barrier.

Their traffic application began in ancient Rome as mile markers. Then the Romans used bollards to protect buildings and people. Today, common bollard locations include drive thrus, parking structures, outside major buildings, parks, and other areas of high vehicle traffic. Modern society is increasing the use of bollards with the tragic events of September 11, 2001, heightened safety concerns, increased levels of pedestrian foot traffic, and the emerging bicycle commuters.

Physics play a large part in bollard design versus need.  Large steel bollards like the ones shown can absorb a great amount of impact energy. Custom bollard sizing is available for all safety and security needs.

Get a Custom Bollard as part of your Miscellaneous Metals Package for Safety and Security