Misc Metals Require Expertise in All Trades

The detail is small, but the impact is great for misc metals.

Misc metals require detailed thinking. You can see why when you look at our misc metal list from the Potawatomi Bingo Casino Hotel project:

  • 3 Stair Towers
  • Podium
  • Ships ladder
  • Elevator pit and roof access ladders
  • Dock leveler galvanized edge angle and embed
  • Slab support edge angles tied into masonry wall system
  • Bollards
  • Stair nosing
  • Embed and bearing plates
  • Edge angles for stairs
  • Elevator trench grates and frames
—What makes us experts?

Structural steel companies usually hate misc metals because it takes a lot of time and resources to get it right, when they have a bigger picture to be the experts. What makes us experts? You have to know a lot about many construction elements to get it right, as misc metals are often the elements that tie everything together.

—What’s Required for Misc Metals?

Misc metals often requires engineering, forward thinking, and customization. It requires small picture thinking, as we have to hunt and peck through drawings so that nothing goes amiss. To be an expert in misc metals, you have to know your own metals trade plus how your trade impacts others. This is because misc metals are often the components used to support masonry, carpentry, and structural supports.

—The Significance of Misc Metals

Misc metals are the building pieces that can be small, numerous, and appear to be insignificant. Though their smallness compared to building size is quite significant. Most people are unaware of the impact of misc metals, but you would sure know it if they were missing. The significance is that all of these misc metal pieces were customized for the Potawatomi construction project to meet certain engineering and design requirements. Midwest Stairs & Iron takes care of all these misc metal pieces and more for one all encompassing metals package.

Get one all encompassing misc metals package at Midwest Stairs & Iron. All metal beyond structural.

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