Get Custom Shop Drawings to Use in Your Architectural Design

The key to success is collaboration. This is what we focus on here at Midwest Stairs & Iron where we believe in developing relationships focused on teamwork. Each of our clients has its individual needs, therefore requiring its own unique product. We know that each project is different and it is important to personally collaborate on each. By doing this, we are able to enhance designs to create a product precisely desired.

An excellent example of our collaboration is seen through our 3D CAD and BIM Construction Software. This unique software creates custom shop drawings that can be used in the rest of the design. By allowing visualization of the design and identifying premature issues, these shop drawings will give a proper representation of what the finished product will look like once everything is complete, while making sure to create correct symmetry, form, and composition

We ultimately collaborate through the unique attention we give to each product. We do not create cookie cutter products, but design each product specifically for the project. Midwest Stairs & Iron is dedicated to working with architects, project managers, property owners, and general contractors to create the best stairs, balconies, and railings possible.

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