PythonX CNC Machine Gives Edge to Steel Fabrication

by | Dec 14, 2017 | metal fabrication, miscellaneous metal, PythonX, steel stair

Commercial Construction Demands Fast Timelines and Accuracy for Steel Fabrication

A breakthrough moment, an idea of accurate speed, leads Midwest Stairs & Iron to add the PythonX along it’s group of talented individuals and steel fabrication services. The robotic CNC machine will expand steel fabrication services to help structural steel companies outsource their tapped capacity, and meet ever increasing tight deadlines in the commercial construction industry.

Pairs Well With Structural Steel Fabricators

Midwest Stairs & Iron pairs well with structural steel fabrication companies and general contractors for miscellaneous steel fabrication. The mutual understandings of construction job sites, blueprints, and various roles helps make it a fluid process. This modern piece (gigantic piece) of metal fabrication technology combined with manual expertise can really add an extra level of intricacy and craftsmen edge. Midwest Stairs & Iron always had the craftsmen edge. That’s why clients seem to like working with us, along with forward thinking. The new addition for increased speed combined with intricacy can really set services apart.

Increased Output Example (Cutting)

Original Output (Minutes)

New Output (Minutes)

Robotic Machine is Amazing to Watch

We recognize this as a great time for construction and manufacturing companies. The PythonX helps augment the business to answer challenges for structural steel fabricators and construction companies. Plus, this robotic CNC machine is amazing to watch:

Here are a few items Midwest Stairs & Iron hopes to assist steel fabrication companies with their outsource needs:

  • Add speed to meet customers growing just-in-time inventory requests for steel stairs and miscellaneous metals in the commercial construction industry
  • Increase output to meet both local Milwaukee and national construction demand
  • Enhance quality output with cleaner cuts and accuracy
  • Answer the construction markets desire to have both quality and best price
“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

– Theodore Levitt


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