Project: Bolt On Balcony System at Beaumont Place

“Just Bolt On” Balcony Systems Shipped in One Piece

Beaumont Place by the Mandel Group is complete and ready for residents to enjoy the spacious aluminum balconies. The install video of the Beaumont Place bolt on balcony system install process showed work continues even when most of us would rather be inside. Installation of the balconies moved quickly, as the balconies were shipped all in one piece ready to bolt on to the building.

Residents Make Balconies Their Own with Decor

The finished product is always fun to see when residents make the balconies their own. These summertime pictures show pretty settings of geraniums, Adirondack chairs and a couch within an outdoor lounge setting.

Aluminum decking disperses heat, so you can stand barefoot on the balcony even in the hottest of days. We look forward to seeing more of the residents at Beaumont Place set their balconies with their personal touch.

Beaumont Place Metal Balcony with Sun Shade
bolt on aluminum balcony system

All units feature a balcony or a patio, and some with more than one! Beaumont Place has the art of living in mind with pedestrian areas, an event area, and easy access to many businesses along the nearby streets. The architectural design blends with the neighborhood to “break down the scale of this development into buildings reasonably compatible” with others on Silver Spring.

Ask about a bolt on balcony system, or spec book details.

Ask about a bolt on balcony system for your next multifamily decking and balcony project, or spec book details for results of efficiency, longevity, and aesthetics.

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