Powder Coated Aluminum Enhances Architectural Design

Modern trend: How to use powder coated aluminum balconies to enhance the look of a building.

Here are a few trends in modern multifamily complexes: give the complex a trendy name, add unique amenities, and use things like a powder coated aluminum balcony color to differentiate from other multifamily buildings.

The Trio in Milwaukee is a trendy name complex comprised of three buildings. This new multifamily property has unique amenities like a dining table that converts into a queen bed! Each apartment has an aluminum balcony with lights. The powder coated aluminum balconies are painted white and another set are painted a gold color. See our standard colors here, custom colors are available.

powder coated gold balcony

Here are some ideas on how to use powder coated aluminum to enhance a building:

  • Use a unique color to differentiate the multifamily building from others in the neighborhood.
  • If other buildings in the neighborhood don’t use color, color can help add a modern look to the building. 
  • Sometimes color may make a person look twice, and that’s powerful when you’re trying to attract residents.
  • Powder coated color can multiply design options.
  • Consider color for aesthetics and functionality, as color can give people wayfinding guidance to direct people where they live, "I live at the building with the gold balconies." 

Make Your Design Stand Out

Ask us early in your design process to see how powder coated balconies make your design standout.

Stand Out
powder coated aluminum

“Color is my day long obsession, joy, and torment.” – Claude Monet


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