You may have noticed that all over the United States, high-rise apartment complexes are popping up in every major city. More and more young professionals are seeking housing in cities near their places of work, and this requires developers to meet that demand. The most popular trend we are seeing with the urban apartments and condos, are little touches of home and privacy like balconies and outdoor nooks for relaxing. Particularly with the new, modern concept designs, aluminum decking and railings create the clean lines architects are looking for in the their finished spaces.

However, with such a high demand for aluminum balconies all over the country, it can be difficult to find a quality manufacturer, while keeping costs down and meeting deadlines. This is why Midwest Stairs & Iron builds aluminum decking, railings, stairs and balconies that are prefabricated. We build aluminum pieces custom, so that our clients won’t be forced to sacrifice unique designs to stay on budget and on time.

When looking for a prefabricated aluminum balcony manufacturer, be sure to look at all available options including out of state businesses. Ready to bolt on pieces can be easily shipped to the building site, so the manufacturer’s location doesn’t make or break your project, and assessing a wider array of options can help keep costs down and enhance the overall quality of the finished construction. Though our name ‘Midwest’ implies a regional limitation, by expertly welding specifically prefabricated aluminum balconies, decking, and railings, we can easily ship our finished designs all over the country.

Stay on top of trends and keep developers happy in an environment of increasing urban growth, cut corners the safe way with high quality, light-weight aluminum details. Midwest Stairs & Iron is one company capable of meeting that need, so check out our products, the notable projects we’ve worked on, and contact us with any questions.